Our team of 11 (1 staff & 10 students) is a young and passionate team. Since 9 out of 10 students are first-time missionaries going overseas with SOON, naturally there is a “fear of the unknown” that some of the team members are wrestling through. But week after week as we train and prepare for missions, God has been revealing His power and control over all circumstances and convincing us of His sovereignty. Through this process, we are learning to trust Him with every detail of our lives. So actually one way to describe our team would be “child-like faith,” which will be our secret weapon as we move mountains this summer in SEA.


Southeast Asia (SEA) is known to be a social republic country, with high levels of corruption, censorship in the government, and controlled legislation on religion. SEA’s largest religion is Buddhism and only around 2.4% Christianity, making it one of the most unreached places in the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For 3+ weeks, our team will be meeting local college students from the top universities in SEA and building meaningful friendships through English Clubs, playing sports, and sharing meals together. As we share life together, we hope that God will grant us many opportunities to bring up the story of Jesus and that students’ hearts would be open to accepting God’s love and believing what Christ has done for them on the cross.

Prayer Requests:

If you’re able, please cover us in prayer:

  1. Love the Lord – Loving the Lord is our team’s top priority. It is out of the overflow of our love, we believe our ministry will be effective. Please pray that we would love and serve with joy.
  2. Love the Team – Please pray that we would fight for team unity and strive to out-love one another by our words and deeds daily.
  3. Launch a Movement – We can share the gospel with eloquent words and creative illustrations all we want, but in the end it will be God who touches and opens hearts. Please pray for true salvation and life-long discipleship to happen this summer in SEA.


Fundraising Due Date: 5/22
Mission Dates: 5/29-6/28
Contact email:

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