Elizabeth S. Lee
Staff Account #10026

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Lee and I graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB). I joined Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (now called SOON Movement Global) in my freshman year of college. Through SOON I learned how to grow in my relationship with God and share my faith with others. Now that I can’t imagine a life without God’s love and God wants the whole world to know how good He is.

After going to Kobe, Japan for summer missions and after 2 years of STINT (Short Term International missions) in Tokyo and Kobe, I always sensed there was more to be done. Despite having the freedom of religion, Japan is the second-largest unreached people group, a country needing help to share the gospel with the rest of the country. Less than 1% of the people are Christians. I’ve met Japanese students who never thought about religion and those who are Christian fear being outcasted for being different. However, I have always seen friends year after year respond to the gospel and pray to receive Jesus! In my first year of missions in 2013, I saw just 1 friend begin a relationship with Jesus.

In more recent years a handful, 5 to 7 friends, come to know Jesus and get connected to our community. God is doing amazing things in Japan and sending more laborers into the harvest!

From my 2 years in Japan, I have seen God’s faithfulness to use someone so weak as me to share the gospel and help those in Japan grow closer to the Lord. Through reflecting on His faithfulness, I saw God inviting me to come to Japan as a long-term missionary. I believe when we reach university students in Japan, God can use them to turn the whole nation to Him and Japan can become a missionary-sending nation to the rest of Asia and to the world! I’m excited about how God has given me this privilege to join Him, but I can’t do this alone. Just as God invited me, God is also inviting you to join in investing in His kingdom from Japan to the world!

I have finished my field training in the NorCal Bay Area at UC Berkeley. All that is left is to be fully funded. My aim is to eventually be in Japan! However, God has given me the opportunity to serve in Southern California for now. I believe God is giving me a season of preparation before I can serve effectively in Japan. 

Will you join me as a partner to make an impact for Jesus in America, Japan, and the ends of the earth?

I would be so honored to receive your prayer and/or financial support. This cannot be possible without you. Thank you!

With appreciation and love,

Elizabeth (Liz) Lee

“And I have other sheep that are not of this fold. I must bring them also, and they will listen to my voice. So there will be one flock, one shepherd.” -John 10:16


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